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Amsterdam at Rio de Janeiro

Sugarloaf from Rio Beach

Beach in Rio near Sugarloaf

Memorial in plaza near funicular up to Sugarloaf

Debbie on a formal night

Debbie again

Gill on a formal night

Judy on a formal night

Judy encore

Kathy and Gill at dinner table

Judy and Debbie at dinner table

Crow's Nest

The South Atlantic

Sea and Clouds

Amsterdam's wake

Amsterdam's stern lamp

Life ring on promenade deck

Lifeboat on promenade deck

Bottom of carillion in atrium

Crest on wall in promenade deck atrium

"Sport deck", top deck of ship

Ocean and clouds


Back of Teatro Solis in Montevideo

Montevideo street scene

Street in old part of Montevideo

Park in Montevideo

Buildings in Montevideo

Front of Teatro Solis

Statue of hero in Plaza Major in Montevideo

Mounted police in Montevideo

Sculpture of pioneer wagon and oxen in Montevideo

Monument to seamen in Montevideo

Montevideo from across the harbor

Inside of Uruguaian Congress building

Detail of Congress building

Door in Congress building

Ceiling detail in Congress building

Stained glass window in Congress building

Exterior of Congress building

Sculpture of early mailcoach and horses in Montevideo

Montevideo from distance

Amsterdam in port in Rio

Cranes on dock in Buenas Aires

Building on Plaza Major in B.A

Teatro Colombo in B.A.

Casa Rosada in B.A.

Plaza Major in B.A

Pidgeons bathing in fountain in Plaza Major in B.A.

In Plaza Major

Buildings around Plaza Major

Another building in B.A (have forgotten what it is)

Ornate, European-style buildings in B.A.

Street where we shopped

English monument in B.A (boarded up)

Cemetery in B.A where Evita Duarte Peron is buried

Cemetery in B.A.

Boats in Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta


Party boat filled with young guys in Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta

Private dock in Tigre Delta

Ornate structure in Tigre.(not sure what kind)

House in Tigre

Dock in Tigre

In Tigre

Bed of reeds in Tigre

Old house in town where we boarded boats for Tigre

More of the town of Tigre


Tender at Falklands

Oldest building in Port Stanley

Tourists and houses in Port Stanley

Red phone booth in Port Stanley

House in Port S.

Church in Port Stanley with whale-jaw arch

Cannon on Port S. waterfront

Waterfront in Port S.

Functional cannon on Port S. waterfront

The Upland Goose restaurant and Hotel in Port S.

New house on outskirts of Port S.

Old wreck in harbor at Port S.

Old wreck at Port S.


Harbor at Port S.

Abandoned sailing ship in harbor at Port S.

Judy in Port S.

Pole with signs naming home towns of British soldiers who fought in the Falklands war

Just a Falklands rock

Government sign on Falklands

A tame reindeer near Port S.

Whale-gun and display in yard of man who dislikes whaling

British cruiser in Port S. harbor

Nearing Cape Horn

Rocks near Cape

Rocks near Cape

Near Cape

Approaching Cape Horn

Cape Horn

Cape from eastern approach

Closeup of Cape with sailboat

Cape Horn full-on

Passing the Horn

Passing the Horn

West side of Cape Horn

Near Cape Horn

Near Cape Horn

In the Pacific

Another cruise ship rounding the Cape

Dangerous rocks in sea

Rocks near Horn

Valpariso on a Sunday Morning


Blooming vines between Valpariso and Santiago

Resort between Valpariso and Santiago

Hotel in resort between Valpariso and Santiago

Huts in same resort

Flowers near road between Valpariso and Santiago

Flower in Chile

House in Chile

Government building in Santiago

Street in Santiago

Ships at dock in Ushuaia, Amsterdam in back

Entrance to LaFontaine dining room

One of the karyatids in the Queen's Lounge

Gate from docks in Ushuaia

Harbor in Ushuaia

City Hall in Ushuaia

Street and houses in Ushuaia

Houses on hill in Ushuaia

Main street in Ushuaia

Main street in Ushuaia

Foliage and berries in Ushuaia


Hero's grave in Ushuaia (Argentina)

Monument to Argentinian navy in Ushuaia

Monument in Ushuaia

In the Beagle Channel

In Beagle Channel

Glaciers in channel between Ushuaia and Puntas Arenas

Glacier between Ushuaia and Puntas Arenas




Glacier along Beagle Channel

Beagle Channel








Beagle Channel

Glacier on Beagle Channel



Agus, Kathy and Deb

Trees in Puntas Arenas

Cemetery in Puntas Arenas


Cemetery in Puntas Arenas



Colorful building in Puntas Arenas

Overlooking Puntas Arenas

Puntas Arenas harbor

Puntas Arenas


Houses in Puntas Arenas

Puntas Arenas

Mayor's house in Puntas Arenas

Hero in main plaza of P.A.

Park in P.A

Building in P.A

Little train in park in P.A.

Between Puntas Arenas and Pueto Montt

Between Puntas Arenas and Puerto Montt

Along the channel

Glaciers between P.A. and P.M