New York and Long Island


New York and Long Island, April - May, 2004        Home                          Judy                                 

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Planting in Schurz Park

Morning on First Avenue

Early Morning on the East Side

House fronts on First Avenue

Row houses

East 87th Street

Across the street from where we stayed

Front yard of Gracie Mansion

View from porch of Gracie Mansion

Lintel and fanlight over door of Gracie Mansion

View of East River and bridge from Gracie Mansion

Cherry blossoms in Schurz Park

House on East End Drive

St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Graveyard

Ground Zero

Ground zero

Eagle sculpture in Battery Park

Monument in Battery Park

Ellis Island from a distance


Remains of pier where immigrants used to land

Looking out from Ellis Island harbor

That eagle again

87th between First and East End

Next door to where we stayed

Lincoln Center lobby

Lincoln Center restaurant

Looking out from Lincoln Center Lobby



Inside the Opera House

Inside opera house

Judy at Tavern on the Green

At Tavern on the Green

Patio at Tavern on the Green


One of the weird chandeliers at TOG

In the banquet room at TOG

Bench sitters in Central Park

Judy in Central Park


Central Park

Kathy Wall in Central Park

Sunbathers in park


More bench-sitters

Judy, horses and carriages in front of Tavern

Spring foliage in Central Park

More of same

Bridge in park

Once more

Central Park West across the Jacqueline Kennedy Resevoir


Central Park East


San Remo from across the resevoir

Lovely blossoms in Central Park

East Side with water tanks.

Yard of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

St. Matthew's with modern buildings

A bit closer up...

Looking south on Park Avenue at 86th

Park Avenue median spring planting

Former mansion on 5th Avenue

Mansions at 86th and 5th

Truly ugly building on Park Avenue

Parisian-stype buildings on Madison

Fire Island

Fire Island

Fire Island

Fire Island

Fire Island

Pier at Greenport taken from restaurant where we had lunch

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor

Hotel in Sag Harbor

...which I liked..

..and took several photos of.

Marine Museum in Sag Harbor

East Hampton

East Hampton

Writer of "No Place Like Home" lived here

..with windmill and..

..weathered buildings...

..with this knocker..

..that Chris...

..really liked.

Lighthouse at Montauk Point -- several views

Beach at Montauk Point

Sort of look like people...

Oldest working ranch in the U.S. (near Montauk)

Everning on beach from our hotel in Montauk

Sunset on the beach

Almost night

An unsteady moonrise

Sagamore Hill landscape

Sagamore Hill landscape

Windmill at Sagamore Hill

Woods at Sagamore Hill

Wing of Roosevelt house at Sagamore Hill

Window detail

Ice house at Sagamore Hill

Theodore Roosevelt's grave