Cruise from ft lauderdale to rome

   april 1 - 20, 2007

   MS westerdam

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Dinner partners - Victor

Victor's grandparents immigrated to Canada from Hungary.

Victor and Beverly live in Toronto.

Nora, born in Yorkshire, immigated to Canada when quite young.

Mandu, our waiter in the ship's dining room.

The main square of Nassau. Here I saw a great many lawyers coming out of the court building, all buttoned up in coats and ties in the heat.

Flowering red bush behind a shed in Nassau. Don't know the name of it.

A bandstand in the main square.

One of the oldest buildings on the island.

Looking down through the trees from the roof of the library.

A building in Nassau.

The Nassau shore

The harbor at Nassau

Salute from a horse!

Three of us took a carriage ride. I sat beside the driver.

Same here. The yellow cloth is to catch the horse droppings.

A typical building

Wallace, the carriage driver.

An old government building facing the square.

The following handful of very tropical photos were taken at Half-Moon Cay, a private island used by cruise ships.

Courtyard of Hassan mosque in Casablanca

Ruined fort above Casablanca

Entrances to the mosque interior. We couldn't go in.

A hotel near Casablanca where we stopped for a cold drink.

The next several photos are of the Palace of the Bey and its various courtyards.

Ornate street light outside the Bey's palace

Once entrance to King Hassan's palace. The king is, I believe, the sixth of that name, and he is quite young.

Men in costumes like this used to sell water to women so they wouldn't have to enter a store of any kind to buy it.

It seems they have a friend...

From the date, I'd say this monument in Cadiz commemorates a victory over Napeleon.

A closer view

Buildings on the Plaza Major in Cadiz

A fountain on the Plaza Major, once a horse-trough?

A row of fine old buildings in Cadiz

A beautifully-ornamented facade

A deer, jumping down from a shelf in Cadiz

The seaside esplanade in Cadiz

The theatre in Cadiz

Park Guell, designed by Gaudi in Barcelona

He first intended the park to have houses and apartments, but never completed his plan.

Some of the structures he built appear to have no definite use. A convenient place for a barbeque?

I like the lacy entropy of it, however.

The ceiling looks the way roots of enormous plants might look underground.

Garden of a house in which Gaudi lived for a while.

Looking out over some of the Gaudi houses and the city.

Gardens in the park

Another house, looking iced and edible

Gaudi intended this structure as a recreation area for residents of the park

Another view of the recreation area, with a rose-colored house behind

Res ipse loquitur

Some Gaudi-esque paths

I should have photo-shopped out the soda can

Manguey plant?

Sagrada Familia - I did not go inside, owing to the huge crowds already waiting.

I love the bunches of fruit at the tops of some of the spires.

In the end, I decided I'd see it better in a book.

An apartment building similar to the Casa Mila.

I found that Gaudi's basic architectural designs were fairly typical for his time and place. His ornamentation, embellishment, flourishes and mad imagination set him apart from the rest.

Here follow many photos of Monaco and the scenic bowl of mountains in which it sits. Some of the mountains are in France, actually.


I must have been drunk when I took this one

Love the yachts

I had lunch at one of these tables

Walkway atop the harbor facilities

This poor fellow couldn't pay his debt at the casino

I think this is Rome...


Inscription in Piazza Navona

Bridge over the Tiber, which had little water in it.

All familiar scenes

Ponte Emanuelle

Castel St Angelo

Across the Tiber, in the older part of Rome

The Tribunali from Ponte Umberto

Fountain in Piazza Navona (which was jammed with mobs of schoolchildren, making cross the street easier)

The most famous oculus in the world

From here to the last line of photos, I decided to show some of the ornate objets d'art, furniture, and decoration in the Westerdam

Detail of railing in dining-room

Door to dining-room

My favorite - barstools

An elevator door

Arrangement in a hallway

The Westerdam in port at Monaco

The MS Volendam

Volendam and her tenders. Note empty lifeboat space.

Apparatus for inflating and lowering rubber lifeboats

Lowering sky over the sea