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Jane Schaberg, from cover of her book

Jane and Rapp

Jane and friend

Jane at stable

Mike Shimkus

Mike at hotel in Seattle

Dinner at the Bengal Tiger

Mike at Bengal Tiger

Docks (?) in Seattle

Fish at the Pike Street market

Across the street from the market

Across the street from the market

Bridget and Mike

Bridget and Mike

Mike with his new Honda Civic

Mike with car


Chris at his computer

Jayne  cooking

Matthew mugging

Matthew making another face

Andrew, Leslie and her friend Mike

Andrew, Leslie and Mike

Table with Christmas goodies

Our living room

Living room


Mary and her sister, Meg

Mary and Meg


Chris and his niece, Jessica

Chris and his mother

Alvie Schaberg


Jane's guest room

The street in front of Jane's house

Jane's house from the side

Across the street - Michigan foliage

Front of Jane's house

View down the street

Back yard

Dining room

Mike and Bridget

Mindy's house

Bearded Mike


Mindy's kitchen

Declan and Casey

Declan and Casey

Table ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Vince, Mindy, Casey and Declan

Barb and Bob, Vince's parents

Seattle sunrise

Colosseum-like library in Vancouver

Inside the library

Ship in port at Vancouver


Harbour from Stanley Park

Moon through clouds-

Mt Rainier


  Photos from the CWE at 556* Waterman  - February, 2005

Kingsbury Place #10 - March 6, 2005



Gate Lion

Gate statue

Gate Lion

On Waterman Blvd and Waterman Place, April, 2005


Gallery of Various Persons (April 11, 2005)

Fafner and dragon

She said, "All your women burn in your flame, and when it dies they leave you, and seek revenge."

Marty and John

Uncle Tom and Aunt Pat Osterholt, Aunt Margaret Hake

Randy and Mike Hake

Theresa Schatzle Ladd, Uncle Tom, Aunt Pat, Aunt Marge

Jeannie, Barbara and Betty

Stella, Little Star

Tracy, Judy, Jack, Stella at Brandt's

Stella in Moonjumper

Riding a horsey

Tracey and Stella

Doing the NY Times crossword

On the beach

Delicious sphagetti

Eating something good

Stella in her spaceship

Stella picking out a pumpkin.

Old friend Jim and family

Stella cuddly on Halloween

Isn't she cute?

Stella in autumn leaves

Stella and tree

Stella and a ride

Stella with her uncle Chris

Stella in the Snow

Stella waving bye-bye