Oxford, Wales, Peterborough, Ely, Sutton Hoo,  Stamford, London

                                 July and August, 2010


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View from my bedroom window at Oxford

Street view of Christ Church College

The stairwell leading to the great hall (dining)

Fan-vaulting over stairwell

Moi at dinner

Chuck at dinner table

Karen in the middle

Dr Beard in coat and tie

Entrance to Christ Church Cathedral from the Tom quad (so-called because of the great Tom Bell over the entrance from the street)

Anglo-Saxon church at Daglingworth

Anglo-Saxon church at Circenchester

House and part of Odda's chapel at Deerhurst

View of Great Hall from across the Tom quadrangle

Looking between Old Library and part of another building into Peckwater quad

Our group breaking up after class

Inside Dr Beard's rooms where we had class

Painting over fireplace. Charles II?

Flowers in the same room

Peckwater quad

Old Library

Doorway leading to Dr Beard's quarters in Peckwater

Party in the Cathedral garden

At dinner in the Great Hall

Marianne Dam from Denmark

Exeter: St Peter's Cathedral.

Fan-vaulting inside St Peter's Cathedral in Exeter

Why do so many cathedrals have scaffolding in front of them?

Decor of my hotel room in Exeter

Lobby of hotel in Exeter

Part of gate to Rougemont Castle built by William the Conqueror in Exeter

Plaque commemorating the last witches to be burned in England

Overgrown wall at Rougemont Castle

Plaque showing motto of Exeter - "Semper Fidelis"

More Rougemont Castle

Ancient doorway in Exeter. Note bishop's arms above it.

Old building in Exeter

The Felin Fach Griffin inn in Brecon

Town near the inn.

The Felin Fach Griffin dog (very friendly)

Sheep on the hill across from inn.

The hotel part of Ruthin Castle. This section was built in the early 1800s.

Fireplace at Ruthin

Armoured knight on the stairs at Ruthin

Peacock at Ruthin

Part of the actual castle attached to the hotel

Castle ruins

A look deep into the castle keep

Ruthin lawn and terrace



Window at Ruthin

Queen Street in Cardiff. Lots of good shops and restaurants

Walls of Cardiff Castle

More Queen Street

Debbie's house in Thorney, near Peterborough

Gill and her car

Street in Ely, a very old town, site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery

More Ely

Street in Ely with cathedral tower at the end

Ely Cathedral

Building near Cathedral -- may have been the rectory

Oliver Cromwell's house in Ely - Cromwell led the Parliament troops during the 17th century English Civil War

Guest house at Sutton Hoo, a Anglo-Saxon burial site where a ship was found to have been buried.

Reconstucted mound where the ship was buried

The docent who led our tour of the mounds.

Sand cast of the body of a criminal buried at Sutton Hoo

Museum building at Sutton Hoo

View in Stamford (England, not Connecticut)

More photos of Stamford

Church of St Mary the Virgin in Stamford

The River Welland from the Town Bridge


Plaque on the outside of The George hotel. Debbie and I walked through into the garden.

Next photos taken in connecting gardens behind buildings in Stamford

A walk in Stamford behind the gardens

Tame deer at Burghley House (Fallow deer?)

Gill's living room

New TV

RR station at Peterborough

Albert Memorial in Hyde Park

The Albert Hall

Home of the London Organists Guild, adjacent to the Albert Hall

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