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Behind Kathy's condo building

Lake Placid through the trees

Autumn foliage

Kathy's terrace

Closer view

Kathy's living room before new furniture

Autumn foliage

Luxury spa in town of Lake Placid

"With Pipe and Book" on main street in Lake Placid

Autumn foliage

Whiteface Mountain across Lake Placid

Front of condo complex

More distant view

Side of mountain

Autumn foliage from parking area at Kathy's

Terrace at the club

Lake Placid from terrace at Lake Placid Lodge

Mysterious woman in hat

Blazing tree

Autumn foliage

Lone pine at Lake Placid Lodge

Kathy and Judy

Lake Placid

Autumn foliage

View from lodge

View from lodge

Brook near Kathy's new house


Autumn foliage

Kathy's new house from side

Kathy's vine-covered cottage

Roadside stream



Stream through trees

Judy encore

Terrace at The Cottage restaurant

Cottage terrace

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

Sailboat on Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

Main intersection in town of Lake Placid

Town of Lake Placid and Mirror Lake

Road signs