Photos Taken - September - October, 2006


Greece (link to photos)

Romania, Ukraine (link to photos)

England (link to photos)

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View across the Golden Horn from my hotel balcony

The garden behind the Istanbul Marriott

Sunset reflecting from buildings to the left of the hotel

A minaret of the Blue Mosque (Mosque of Sultanahmet)

The Blue Mosque (Mosque of Sultanahmet)

Inside the Blue Mosque

Lights and windows

Inside the Blue Mosque, which is still a functioning mosque.

Mosque of Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque)

Haiga Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Mosque. Now a museum rather than a working mosque. We didn't have to remove our shoes to enter it.

A corner of Haiga Sophia from the courtyard.

Tombs or tombstones in the Haiga Sophia enclosure.

The foundation of the first Church of the Holy Wisdom, built in Byzantine times.

Crenellation on wall of Haiga Sophia courtyard

Haiga Sophia

Silhouetted minarets of Haiga Sophia

A Topkapi Palance entrance gate.

Entrance to the Topkapi harem

A Topkapi courtyard

A mosque in the courtyard

An ornate building in the palace courtyard

Plaque on wall in Topkapi palace

A pleasant view of the courtyard

A 600-year-old plane tree in the Topkapi courtyard

View across the Bosphorous to Asia

Large houses along the shore of the Bosphorous

Ancient fortifications on the Istanbul side of the Bosphorous

More houses on the bank of the Bosphorus

Mansions on the Istanbul side of the strait

More houses along the Bosphorus

The Asclepion at Peragamos (port of Dikili), site of a sixth-century BCE medical facility

More of the Asclepion on a rainy day.

Trees at Asclepion

Doorway ruin at Asclepion

Stadium at Asclepion. Attendance was prescribed for patients.

Ceiling of the semi-underground Asclepion hospital.

Entrance to a tunnel leading to the hospital at the Asclepion

Blue Mosque from the Bosphorous

A closer view

Haiga Sophia from the Bosphorus

One of the bridges between European and Asian Istanbul

Istanbul skyline from the water

Tower in Istanbul as seen from the ship

Quai at Istanbul from the ship

Castle ruins on a hill near Istanbul

Ruins at Ephesus (port of Kusadesi)

Ruins at Ephesus

The library at Ephesus

Stumpy ruins at Ephesus

Temple to a Roman Emperor (Hadrian?) at Ephesus

Light and shadow at Ephesus

Topkapi from the Bosphorus, with the row of kitchen chimneys

The yacht basin at Marmaris

The yacht basin at Mamaris contained many private boats, some stored there for the winter.

Marmaris in the morning sun

More shoreline mansions

Old waterfront house near Istanbul

Sinope from the ship.

A typical town on the Black Sea

A museum in Trabzon (formerly, Trebizond)

A street in Trabzon

Trees on a Mediterranean island

Waterfront under a bridge near Istanbul

A monument to the Italians killed in the "Dardanelles campaign" on the Gallipoli peninsula


Greek Islands and Athens

Castle at entrance to Rhodes harbor, which legend says one foot of the Colossus rested. Photo taken in early morning.

Main gates in the fortifications building by the Knights of St John (Hospitallers)

Rhodes in early morning (c. 07:00)

Fortifications at Rhodes

Rhodes harbor with old windmills.

Harbor at Rhodes

The acropolis at Lindos. "Acropolis" is a generic word meaning "highest point".

Acropolis at Lindos on the island of Rhodes (Rodos)

Looking down at the sea near Lindos

Rhodes - Semi-arid Mediterranean landscape

Rough coast of Greek islands, many uninhabited.

MS Prisendam at the pier at Rhodes

A shopping street in Rhodes

Small Greek island

More gloomy and mysterious Greek islands

Part of the Minoan palace of Knossos on Crete

Some of the documentation in the palace


Documentation at Knossos











Vases at Knossos






Flowering plant at Knossos



Excavation of a Byzantine church at Heraklion on Crete

Church excavation

Byzantine church excavation

First and last locomotive on Greece

Parthenon on acropolis at Athens


Parthenon and acropolis

Founder of modern Olympics (need to look up name) outside the newest stadium in Athens.

Luxury cruise ship in harbor

Ruins near Olympic Stadium - odd knee-high structure.

Ruins in the stadium courtyard


Romania and Ukraine Nessbur, before I sprained my ankle..

Roman-era ruins at Nessebur, Romania

At Nessebur

Ancient church at Nessebur


New hotel at pier at Odessa, Ukraine

The Potemkin stairs and the funicular at Odessa


The port at Odessa



In port at Yalta

Room where Yalta Conference was held at the Livadia palace, built by Czar Nicholas II

Table at Livadia where leaders signed the agreement

Conference table

Chandelier in conference room at Yalta

Desk where FDR worked during conference

Courtyard of Livadia palace


Arabic decorations at Livadia

Sparrows' Nest at Yalta - accessible only by sea



A street in Peterborough

Old building, now a pizza parlor!

Gill's house in Peterborough, and her car

Other houses in Gill's neighborhood

Cathedral of St Peter at Peterborough - Built c. 1100 as part of abbey. At dissolution, church saved to become an Anglican cathedral

Cathedral of St Peter at Peterborough

Cathedral at Peterborough

Old abbey refectory attached to the Cathedral

Graveyard in Cathedral close


Apse/transept of Cathedral

Tower over transept

Cathedral from rear side

Tree and gravesite

The Cathedral front enclosure

Building with tearoom, where we had a snack

Main entrance to Cathedral

One of several interesting heaters

Window over entrance

Arms on a choir stall

Choir stalls

From behind the main altar

Side chapel

Main altar

Painted decoration on ceiling

Main altar with baldaquin

Arms on the tomb of Charles Isham Strong

Same arms

Fan vaulting - Unique to England

Side windows and tomb

View of nave from behind main altar

Looking up at decorated ceiling

In the Cathedral close

Entrance to side-chapel with inscription, "Hear us o Lord, in time of tribulation."

Square in Peterborough

Gill's back garden

Gill's garden shed

Gill's favorite vine

Another view of back garden

Back garden, with pond where Gill is growing her own fen

Back of house

Back garden

Part of Crowland Abbey, still in use. Gill's sister Andrea and her son, Craig.

Crowland Abbey

Churchyard at Crowland Abbey

Ruined part of Crowland Abbey

Crowland Abbey

Interior covering of an exit from Crowland Abbey church

Window in church

Abbey ruins

Doorway to churchyard

Abbey ruins

Three-part bridge in Crowland, where the Welland River once split. It was originally of wood.

Andrea and Craig on bridge

An interesting structure, but don't remember where it was

Deb's house in Thorney, Gill at door

At Cambridge near King's College Chapel


King's College courtyard

Gill and Deb at restaurant in Cambridge, on the evening before I left England